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Technohackings is the website which gives tech updates,free internet tricks,recharge tricks,blogging,WordPress & SEO tricks.You can find the working tricks on technohackings.com.Here all the tricks provided by technohackings are only for educational purposes.We are not responsible to any problem relating to this. There is no problem to try and using the internet. You can always use the working tricks.We didn’t support any privacy hackings.

Akshay S Manoj

Akshay S Manoj the man behind technohackings started this blog for sharing his knowledge about internet and networks.His hard work made technohackings successful.Akshay S Manoj a student who aged 16 started the blog at blogspot and grows to professional.He also shares his experience and knowledge in blogging field on technohackings.

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Karthik Soorya

KarthikSoorya one of the best friends of Akshay S Manoj. His heartly support makes technohackings successful. Here he writes about Antivirus,Gaming & PC tricks.He shares his knowledge in PC through technohackings.

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