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Hello friends, now Technohackings giving you an Airtel Free Internet Trick.This is a high speed and  working airtel internet trick.We are using droid VPN for this trick.Droid VPN is a free VPN application which is available on laystore.we already given Airtel Free Internet Trick hammer VPN trick for airtel.It is also like hammer VPN .This Airtel internet want an account in Droid VPN .We want to sign into the the droid VPN to run the trick.

These Airtel free internet trick Was working for everyone in highspeed .It having an highest speed up to 6 Mbps.So this trick is a Latest and Good one.Here we are using the connection protocol as TCP.We already familiar with the Free  BSNL Trick With UDP .Here we are suing TCP and UDP.This is a TCP and UDP trick.We are giving the both.We are not sure the UDP trick for all.But the TCP trick working in high speed. Airtel Free Internet have a speed of 6 Mbps.I think that running this trick in 3g is good for high speed.Now you are thinking How to activate Zero Rental Pack.Activating Zero Rental Pack is easy just call to customer care and Tell them you want to activate Zero Rental Pack.If they say there is no such packs available,Then tell them you want to use 3g from your balance.Keeping a balance of  5 is easy to activate Zero Rental Pack.Then they will activate it .Now you can use 3g without any data pack.Now Connect with droid VPN to get high speed.Droid VPN is a good application for Airtel trick.Airtel Free Internet is easy to setup and use.This can be done by all.I told you that Register for Droid VPN account is must to run this trick.

Airtel Free Internet Trick  Is Giving High Speed In 3g.Activate Zero Rental Pack to get 3g without any Data Pack.We already mentioned the method above.

Airtel Free Internet are working Fine Now.There is no speed Capping issue in this trick.And also there is no disconnecting issue .Because we run this trick in 3g Mode Using Zero Rental Pack.The Airtel Tricks working fine for everyone.If you have any issues comment it now.We will found solutions for the problems.Airtel free Internet have Speed Capping if you Run This Trick in 2g mode.

Airtel Free Internet


  1. Download and Install Droid VPN (Available in play store)
  2. Sign in if you already have an account , Register it if you didn’t have and account .And sign in with the registered account.
  3. Then Open Settings and  Set Protocol as TCP
  4. Click on header
  5. Enter and
  6. Now back Click on Connect
  7. Enjoy Free Internet on Airtel


  1. Download and install droid VPN on you Android phone.
  2. Sign with your username and password.
  3. Open droid VPN settings and set connection protocol as UDP
  4. Then enter UDP port as 9201
  5. Connect and Enjoy …

Airtel Free Internet with UDP Port

  1. Download and install Droid VPN
  2. Sign in with the registered account
  3. Open Droid settings and Set connection protocol as UDP
  4. Enter UDP port and TCP and Local Port as 9201
  5. Enjoy…

Method 3 in UDP

  1. Download and install Droid VPN
  2. Sign in with registered username and password.If didn’t register it.
  3. Open Droid VPN Settings and Set Connection protocol as UDP
  4. And Enter the UDP,TCP and Local Port as 8080 
  5. Enjoy Free Internet with Airtel

The above tricks are not get worked for all.UDP trick working all over India.Try the all trick.If you have any Doubts Comment it.We will found the solutions.Enjoy Free Internet With Droid  VPN 

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Keep Visiting for more Working tricks,Try another working tricks if it dint get worked.Enjoy Free Internet Trick with Droid VPN



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