What Is AMP Pages? Guide To Setup AMP For Your WordPress Blog


Hello Friends,now all are heard about amp pages.You are thinking what is amp .Here You Can Find the answer and how to setup it for your blog.Its easy to setup AMP  for your WordPress blog.We can install amp by just installing a plugin.We can customize it using another plugin.You didn’t ask what is amp after reading this article.

What Is AMP Pages

AMP is a page which have high speed to load.Now most of the internet users are from mobile. And they want to load the page within 3 seconds.AMP pages are the classic structure of our page.It loads faster in mobile devices.It makes mobile pages fast.Googles amp available for all WordPress blogs.You can setup amp  for your pages by following the below steps.


amp pages


Here we are installing the official amp plugin by automattic .It is the parent plugin for google amp.The amp plugin only can enable the amp functions.We only want to just install and activate it.The amp for WordPress can customize using another plugin.

Glue for Yoast SEO the plugin which adds the amp customizing functions to the yoast seo plugin. Yoast seo is the best seo plugin.These method is only working for yoast seo users.We also provide another method to use amp for WordPress .Users who all ready installed yoast seo can easy to install the amp plugin by yoast.

Glue for yoast seo helps to customize the amp version of our page. It is a free plugin which add amp features in yoast seo.

How To Create AMP Pages For Yoast SEO Users

1.Download the Official amp plugin

2.Install & Activate the plugin

now it enables amp pages for your posts and pages.Make sure that the amp pages are working fine by going to  (yourdomain/post-permalink/amp)

3.After this install Glue for Yoast SEO

4.Then go to Yoast SEO > AMP

You can see a lot option to customize the amp page versions.Just customize it on you need.

5.All done…

How To Setup AMP For WordPress

1.Go & Install official amp page  plugin

Then check and verify that your amp pages are working and no errors with the amp (yourdomain/post-permalink/amp)

2.Install AMP for WP

3.Goto AMP and Customize it as your need

4.Start Using AMP Now

If  you are facing any problem you can Comment here.Thanks for reading the article.Keep Visiting for more tricks and tips.



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