Different Between Blue,Orange,White In Jio Sim


Hello Friends,We Know that everybody now  using Reliance Jio,and each of them get the jio in different colours .Most of the  people are  thinking What is the difference between these colours.Now Technohackings giving the correct details for the colours.Jio Sims are in 3 colours , White ,Orange ,Blue.and each have some difference.So technohackings giving the correct Difference.

Jio SIM In White Colour

There is no different features in colours .And Jio are available in 3 coloured packet.The white packet includes the sim ,welcome booklet,and Square shaped Stickers.It Is mainly Getting With LYF phones.

Jio White Sim

Jio Sim In Orange  Colour

The Orange Sim Have a Special ,it Showing its number in the back side of the packet,and we know the number before the activation.and it also include,Sim,Welcome Booklet,and Round Shaped Stickers.Diferent colors in jio

Jio Sim In Blue Colour

It Is the  latest packet and it doesn’t show its number before activation.We can only Get the number through alternate phone number or email.And it Also Have Welcome Booklet,Round Shaped Stickers.There are no other features in the color.

Jio Different Colors Sim

Different Between Jio Prime And Non Prime

Now you are thinking that what is the different between jio prime and non prime plan.So let’s discuss on the topic jio prime vs non prime plan.

Jio Prime is the latest offer from jio side.In this offer we can extend our offer to march 31 2018.ie we are extending our jio to one year.Thats happy but we want to pay a 99 to activate jio prime plan.You can check our details article to get cash back on Paytm for jio prime pack.We also want to do a monthly recharge for RS 303.Then we can continue our unlimited fun for a year.

Non prime users want to do their recharge to enjoy unlimited fun.The prices for non prime recharge Is higher when comparing to prime plan.You can read details comparison with tariff about jio prime and non prime plan.

How To Get Barcode  For Jio

1.Download My Jio App 3.2.5
2.Install and open it
3.Now Click on install all apps
4.So it will install all apps
5.Then you can see  “Get Jio Sim”
6.Hit on it
7.Then you can see a Bar Code and a Coupon Number
8.Save it or Print it
9.Go with your nearest jio  store and show the Bar Code and Coupon Number .
10.Done, Enjoy With Your new jio SIM


I hope you got the all the information and about different colors of jio and the difference between jio prime and non prime plan.So here I am going to make the article end.Thank You For Reading.Keep visiting.Dont forget check the latest tricks here.

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  1. big fan of jio 4g network….does not care of any colour as long as the internet service is good….nice post Akshay!!!


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