Make Money With Android {Free Recharges and Internet}


Hello Guyz, Today technohackings sharing  free recharge Internet trick on a android device.You can get recharges through some android apps.There are so many ways to make money online with an android.You can get free recharges and Internet by using this working Trick.

Technohackings giving the trick to earn money using an android phone.There so many ways to get free recharges and Data for free.But most of them are not working.Here you get the working and best apps to earn money with an android device.You can earn money by installing apps and referring friends.Here I listed some applications which gives free Recharge internet trick and data by installing and referring.


You can get latest and daily updated tricks here.For this trick we are using some applications from playstore.The application giving free recharge internet trick data.By using the below apps you can earn money with your android.

How To Get Free Recharge Internet Trick For Android


DataBack is a free app available in Google Play Store.DataBack giving free data recharge when we use the applications like whatsapp, Facebook,Messenger etc.We get our data refunded when we use apps these apps through DataBack.

Download Data Back Now & Get 10 Mb Bonus

How To Get Free Data From DataBack

  1. Download and Install It From Google Play Store(Download Now)
  2. Register with your mobile Number
  3. Confirm your number by  OTP
  4. Use Apps and get data refunded.
  5. Invite Your Friends to DataBack and Get 50 Mb for free.
  6. Visit popular websites on DataBack and get free data.
  7. Enjoy…


Freeway is best app which gives free data when we download the applications suggested by freeway.It giving more than 75 Mb per a download. You can also earn data by referring your friends.

Download Freeway Now And Get 10mb Bonus

How to Get Free Data Using Freeway

  1. Download And Install Freeway (Play Store Link)
  2. Register and Verify Your Number
  3. Install apps and get free data
  4. Refer and earn more from it
  5. Enjoy…


Mobiwik is an online wallet and money transfer app.We can make money and recharge for it by referring and installing applications.

Download Mobiwik From Here & Get Rs 50 For Free

How To Make Money With Mobiwik

  1. Download and Install Mobiwik(Play Store Link)
  2. Click on the account icon
  3. Then Tap on Eareferring
  4. You can Earn by Playing
  5. Also Earn by referring
  6. Enjoy…

Pocket Money

Pocket Money is another app which gives free recharges when we download and installing the apps.Also We can earn by inviting friends.Pocket money is paying More than Rs 20 per download.

Download Pocket Money Now 

How To Earn  From Pocket Money

  1. Download and Install Pocket Money (Play Store Link)
  2. Install Listed apps get paid
  3. Invite your friends to Pocket Money and get Rs 25 for free.
  4. Enjoy…


Slide is a best app for earning money.This is a great idea.You can earn money by unlocking your screen through slide lock screen.Slide will show ads on lock screen and we get paid for each unlock.

Download Slide Now

Make Money By Unlocking Your Android

  1. Download & Install Slide (Play Store Link)
  2. Register for it.
  3. Enable Slide Lock Screen
  4. Earn Money by unlocking your device
  5. Enjoy….

By Following the above methods you can make money with your android phone.All the apps for this trick is available Google Play Store.Get paid by referring and Installing applications.Also share this post to your friends. 

We didn’t give any spam applications here.All the apps here are working well.Here You can earn money by referring and installing applications. So share on Social media if you get liked.

Comment if you have any other opinions. Like us on Facebook to get tips and tricks on fb wall. Enjoy…

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