Trick To Get Free& Real Traffic For Your Blog(Hitleap)


Hello Friends,after a long days I am come with new trick to get free views or visitors. All new bloggers are thinking how to get free traffic for my blog.Here I am giving the trick to get traffic for free.We can increase our website traffic with a website called hitleap.

Hitleap is a website which gives free traffic to our blog.We can including our visitors and pageviews through these website.Hitleap have free and premium membership. Free users can get unlimited traffic but the website slot are only 3.

The way hitleap work is simple.Just install their application on your PC/lap and start earning minutes. We will get the traffic according to the minutes earned.We can set a daily limit on hitleap.Hitleap premium can give more traffic without any limits.

We can also increase our AdSense revenue with hitleap.But these are against AdSense policy violations.We can use and earn a standers amount of revenue with hitleap.These hitleap want minutes to get traffic.

How To Use Hitleap Viewer

  1. Go to Hitleap and create an account
  2. Sign in with the created account
  3. Goto website option and add your website and pages .There are 3 slots for free users ,use premium to get more slotes.
  4. Then click on Earn Minutes and download hitleap for your operating system
  5. Run hitleap application and login to it
  6. After loging in click on start earning minutes
  7. Make minutes and make traffic
  8. Enjoy…….

These method are really working.This is the working method to get free traffic for your blog.These can also helps to increase our AdSense earnings.But not use it for making money.We only give an idea that we can make or increase our views and traffic using these hitleap application.

Visit for more blogging tricks.Comment your opinion about hitleap.

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