Hide Your personal Information from others.


Hello Friends I’m here again with a simple, cool and awesome trick. You’ll be thinking now what will be the trick? As I said that It is quiet simple and only required a Personal Computer. Here we are going to hide the folder in Windows 7. It is tested in Windows 7 and it is working fine. You will be able to use the same trick in Windows 8, Win 8.1 Win 10, but also a problem persist there as the control or functions will be different as with other OS. So first of all I would like to ask you that How many of you know how to get into the control settings of the Windows OS? Many of you will know, but some others will be unaware of that, so I would like to tell them how to go to Control Panel in Windows OS

So Let’s Start….Read the following steps below.

1. In your Windows 7 Create a Folder(Right click on desktop- go to new- New Folder to Create a Folder)
2. Now Right click on that folder and go to properties.
3. In general settings click on Hidden(At the bottom). Sometimes after clicking the hidden button and pressing Ok the file will get hidden, if it didn’t get hidden or If it is hidden and you want to get it back, then read the steps below
4. Go to start menu in Desktop and go to Control Panel.
5. Click on Appearance and Personalization.
6. You can see Folder Options in the current window. Click on “Show Hidden Files and Folders” below it.
7. In the window that appears you can see Hidden Files and Folders and 2 boxes below that, named “Don’t Show Hidden Folders, Files and drives” and Show Hidden files, Folders and drives
8. If you file is already hidden and you want to unhide it click on the 2nd option(Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives)  and If your files isn’t hidden and you want to hide it then click on the 1st option(Don’t show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives).
9 And You are done. You have successfully hidden you personal files from others…
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IF you are facing any problem regarding this trick. Feel Free to comment here or email me or else give me a Whatsapp Message(My phone number is listed down)



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