How to Approve Adsense with Simple Steps


Hello Friends,Today we are giving the trick to approve Adsense easy.Google Adsense is the largest and high paying advertising network in the world.Approving Adsense is not Simple.There is Some Requirements for before applying to Adsense.We are showing how to get approve Adsense.


Adsense approval is not based on traffic ,Its on quality.If your blog or website have  quality you will get approved Adsense.Traffic is needed foAdsense Traffic = Profit .If there is no traffic there is no profit.You can’t earn money from Adsense if you have low traffic.So making traffic is important but not for Adsense approval.

There are two steps in Adsense approving on first step is easy its on quality.The second step is based on traffic.Apply Adsense if you have a minimum traffic of 60 visitors per day.T he main aim of blogging is Profit .You only get Profit if you having traffic.So you want to make some traffic.

How to get approved Adsense



Responsive Theme

Theme having major role in approval of Adsense.Your Theme must be clean and responsive.Your template or theme must SEO friendly and mobile friendly.So you want a quality theme and Best design theme.Buy premium themes if you want more features.


Your blog or website want at least of a 20 well-written posts.If you are copying texts and images from other blog ,stop copying . Remove the copy the contents before applying to Adsense.


So many blogger don’t have a custom domain they or on, .So buy a custom domain like .com,.net,.in…etc..It will easy to get approved.

Important Pages

There are some important Pages for every blog.You want to create  all the pages given below

  1. About Us – Just write about your Blog
  2. Contact Us – Create a contact Us page for your Blog using online contact us generator.
  3. Terms & Conditions – Create Terms and Conditions page using terms and conditions generating tools.
  4. Privacy & Policy – Generate Privacy and Policy page using  Privacy Policy generator.

Your Website is about what

Adsense didn’t support hackings,means privacy hackings.So do not write about hackings in about us page.

By the above things you can approve the first step of Adsense.You want make some traffic to get approve the second.You want at least 100 visitors per day.

Make money online with Adsense.


Comment if you are facing any problems…

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