Prevent the Rise of Ransomware Virus



Hello, Today I’m going to make you know about the Ransomware Virus. The word Ransom itself means that a huge amount of money will be demanded for the release of a person or a property. So this Virus is something more dangerous.

Lock Screen Ransomware and Encryption Ransomware

There are 2 types of this virus – lock screen ransomware and encryption ransomware. Encryption ransomware is dangerous than lock screen one. Lock screen ransomware shows a screen that prevent access to your pc and shows some address to pay the ransom, while Encryption ransomware changes you files so that you are not able to open it.

Spread of Virus

There are mainly 3 mode of spreading of these virus

  1.  It spreads through malicious sites or applications that we open or download and also some links or advertisements that pop up in facebook, gmail or any other site
  2.  It spreads through emails that are sent from unknown persons.
  3.  It can also spread with other viruses though a pen-drive, memory card or any other storage device.

Prevention is better than cure

Preventing this virus is better than finding for its cure. We can prevent this by various methods

  1.  Install any paid antivirus that offer complete protection for your personal computer
  2. Avoiding clicking malicious links or email from unknown person
  3. Regular backup of your files
  4. Activate Windows Defender and Firewall
  5. Install Stubborn Trojan Killer On your Android

This virus is being promoted by the hackers to get money. So be careful with this thing. Also don’t rush to pay the money to get back your files, because they would try to make you target of more malware’s and there is now guarantee that you will get your files back if you pay them. If you pay the money you must contact your local authorities like police and also bank about the payment. Taking the backup of the files is the best method to prevent this virus.

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