Prevent-Wanna Cry Ransomware Cyber Attack Decryption Code Adedd


WannaCry Ransomware Decryption Code

Wanna Cry Ransomware Attack: Hey, we Know, nowadays a team was attacking so many systems worldwide. Many of the countries including India was fully effected with this and they lost many important data too. So in this post, you will learn how to prevent the rise of ransomware virus.
Their main target was international companies, they are charging 300$ to decrypt the files. This post is beneficial for both effected users and non effected users. So we will share the decrypt code for effected users and teach you how to protect your system from ransomware virus.

About Wanna Cry Ransomware Attack

The ransomware attack was named as Wanna Cry.It was the second version of ransomware attack wanna cry 2.0.We will discuss more about the ransomware attack in the below paragraphs.Continue reading to get more idea and solution for ransom ware virus.

What Happens If My Computer Is Effected With Ransomware

They will completely encrypt your files and you can get it back without them.They will ask money to decrypt the files.They are asking bit coins equal to the value ofthem.So they are mainly targeting huge componies because the files are very valuable to them and they are ready to pay the amount to get the files back.
My friend’s office pc get effected with wanna cry and it was with many many important user datas.He requested to give the files back to him and they realise his situation and descript almost systems without money.I think some of them are good.Most of the users who got effected with wanna cry didn’t get it back.

How To Get My Files Back From Wanna Cry Ransomware Attack

Yes, you can get your files back by paying the money or with the descript key.Dont worry you can get the descript code from here.They will double the amount if we disnt respond within 3 hours.I think that you will get a idea about the situation by watching the image below.

If you don’t know how to protect your pc from ransomware then follow the below steps and make your pc safe.I told you that if you are already effected with wanna cry 2.0 then use the descript code given below.

Wanna Cry Ransomware Virus Decrypt Code:


So you can decrypt your files with the code for free. So no need to pay them and waste your money.

Trick To Decrypt Files For Free
So now we are in a interesting that how to get your files back without paying any money. Let’s decrypt your files for free. You can descript it with the above code and You can see the proof below. It is 100% working.

So now we are going to the last discussion how to protect your pc from ransomware attack.Just follow the simple steps below.

How To Protect Your PC From Wanna Cry Ransomware Virus Encryption

  • Install An Antivirus-Antivirus restrict to open unwanted links and spammy sites.
  • Install Ad Blocker-Ad Blocker Helps You To Redirecting to Sony Sites.
  • Keep A Copy Of Your Files-This can helps to get your files easily.
  • Don’t Open Unwanted Links-It was very important it was mainly spreading through links.
  • Don’t Check Spam Mails-There are links and virus in the spam mails so don’t try to check it.


These are main things to protect your system from wanna cry 2.0 ransomware dangourous virus. Now you are free from ransomware.No need to cry now 😜. So you can get more working tricks and tips at Technohackings.

So guys now no need to fear about wanna cry, so Decrypt and enjoy. If you are thinking to get more useful tricks and tips then just subscribe to Technohackings.

I hope this post is helpful for you. If you feel this as helpful the just show your love by sharing. Share this on your social media and help your friends to get their pc back. If you want to say something just comment below. Thank You For Reading our article about wanna cry ransomware dangourous virus attack keep visiting.



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