Working Trick To Remove 1GB-4GB Daily Limit Latest


How To Remove Jio Daily Limit

Hello Friends,today we are sharing the trick to remove jio daily limit.Everyone now using jio sim and they are not satisfied with the jio 4gb daily limit.Now technohackings giving the trick to remove jio daily limit in a working method.There are lot of tricks to remove jio daily limit but most of them are not working,here we giving the working tricks to remove jio daily limit.

We know that now jio extended to march 31 and the daily limit was reduced to 1 gb.The 1gb is a smaller data amount so we want to remove the daily limit.People are thinking how to stop jio daily limit.The working method to reduce jio daily limit is here.if you’re new to jio and the  happy new year offer you can read our guide about jio.The jio speed can increase up to 45 mbps using our earlier article.The Jio 4gb limit trick is working for old and new users.Jio 4gb bypass trick is using vpn and latest apn settings.

Jio 4gb limit trick is working fine,there are lot of methods to remove jio 4gb limit.Here is the solution for the users who think how to increase jio speed after 4gb or how to increase jio speeed after 1gb.Jio 4gb limit bypass trick is given below you can refer it and increase your jio speed after 4gb limit.

Jio 4gb Trick  1

First Trick is using apn settings we can increase our jio speed after daily limit by these apn settings.

Latest APN Settings To Remove Jio 4gb/1gb Limit

1.Goto Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Name (APN)

2.Click on add new icon and enter the new apn settings given below.



APN Type:Default,xcap

Protocol:IPV4/IPV6 (Both)

Authentication Type:PAP

MVNO Type:None

first try with these latest apn settings if it is not working then try with the other working methods.

Jio 1gb Limit Trick

This is the second method to bypass jio 4gb limit.We are using some VPN Apps for this method.

1.Download Turbo VPN From Play Store

2.Install and Open It

3.Then Just Select the best server and connect to the server using turbo vpn

4.All done

Now you can remove your 1gb daily limit by these vpn app.

You can also use other vpn apps to bypass jio 1gb limit 

VPN Apps To Remove Jio 1gb Limit

SnapIt VPN

Master VPN

Opera VPN


How To Increase Jio Speed After 1gb Limit

Here in this method we are converting our current offer into preview offer.We are activating preview offer.We are Using My jio app to activate the jio preview offer.Increasing jio speed after 1gb through my jio app.

1.Download My Jio App Version 3.2.05

2.Open it and tap on install all jio apps

3.After Installing all jio apps then you will see a message get jio sim.

4.Now Turn off your data and click on get jio sim now it shows an error no internet connection

5.Then just turn on you data

6.Now you can seee a message jio preview offer is activated.

7.Now you are activated the previews offer.Now you can browse and unlimited without any daily limit and speed capping issue.

We know that these tricks are working fine and it removes the jio daily limit,the working methods to bypass jio daily limit is here.Keep Visiting for more working tricks.Comment your opinion about these methods we will update this posts if there is any new tricks.Keep visiting.


  1. Realy working ,now i am on preview offer,1st time I didn’t got worked then I try again that time preview offer is activated. Thank You Akshay Sir For this trick

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