Major Mistake {Technohackings Search As Technohacking}


Hello Guys,this is not a post or tricks in this new year I would like to tell a funniest thing about technohackings.You know that we provide a good and working and spam free trick .When people comes to technohackings through search they realise that it is a good site.So they remember  as technohacking.


They will search our website name in google as technohacking.This is a major mistake and it leads to loss of traffic to technohackings.Technihacking is another blog we are Technohackings so don’t repeat this again.You know that we are new and professional so don’t make a chance to give traffic to another site.Technohackings didn’t appeared on search suggestion that’s because we are new and our name is not searches lot .So search the correct keyword technohackings on search engines.Not search technohacking.

Actually I headed  this matter from my friend Vishnu and I noted it .This post is to avoid making the mistake.So remember not technohacking the correct is technohackings.

Comparison Technohackings and Technohacking


We provide working Internet Tricks,Recharge Tricks,Jio Updates ,Android Tricks,Of and windows Tricks,Blogging Tricks ,WordPress and Plugins.


Technohacking provide blogger tricks and tips widgets and template ,tutorials and tricks

So We Are Not Technohacking  we are Technohackings.So I again telling don’t repeat this message again.Technohackings is not Technohacking.

I noted that he is copying our tricks method may be he is writing himself .But he posted some methods like our .So we have copyright protection so we can ban other websites if they copy our content.

If there is any other  suggestion to remove this issue you can comment here .I will pay you if the idea is new and good.So just give your idea as comment.I think you know that a main aim of a blogger is making blog seo friendly.This loss of traffic can effect our seo.So please search technohackings on search engines like google bing yahoo,duck duck go.

I am defenitly expecting a idea from your side.So stop making mistake  and support to grow this site.So Understand The Condition and Support Us To Grow More.Also like our fb pages and support us.

Request By Technohackings admin Akshay S Manoj


  1. What if we change any words of name technohackings by replacing”s” by ‘z’ or anything like that .May be it will reduce this problem fairly.Whatever you do we will be with you just go on brother….


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