Top 3 Antivirus For Windows Users


Hello, It’s me Karthik. Today I”m here with 3 most useful and best Antivirus. 2 of them would be quite famous but not the third one.

Q) What is Virus and How it affects our Pc?

A) Virus is a type of malicious software program that replicates so fastly. They will make a lot of problems to our computers. They also modifies the computer programs. There are many types of Virus like Storm Worm, CIH, Ransomware Virus and many more. Once affected it is hard to remove it from our computer. It can get affected by many ways , these include visiting malicious link, using a virus affected USB device, downloading malicious apps and many more ways. In Order to prevent the use of Virus we are using Antivirus. They prevent them and eliminate too.


Best 3 Antivirus

  1. Malwarebytes

  2. Kaspersky

  3. Avast

As I said Two of them – Kaspersky and Avast will be be known to you. The first name Malwarebytes won’t be famous to you. It is powerful anti virus which helps to prevent and eliminate virus. It is available for 2 versions – Free Version and Paid Version. In case of Paid Version it prevents the virus from online browsing and other methods. But In case of Free Version it only removes virus. We can Scan our computer using the Free Version too.

Malwarebytes is simple , powerful and awesome. It even found Trojan virus and most of the dangerous virus in your computer. Once the Search is finished the Application will put the virus under quarantine condition. In this condition the virus became inactive and won’t do anything bad to our computer. We can also remove them completely from our Computer.

I recommend all to download this because it is better than any other Antivirus. If you are not ready to pay for the complete version you can download the free version for ‘0’ Cost. It will also protects your computer from Virus Attacks. It works fine than any other paid Antivirus. So Everyone should Try it.

You may download the Application from the link below

Download Link

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